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Date: July 26 – Aug 8 2014 (13 nights)
Destination: Rongelap, Rongerik, and Bikini atolls of the Marshall Islands
Vessel:  MV Windward
Passengers : max 10 (only 2 spaces available)
Accommodation on board: 1 large air-conditioned room with individual bunks
(Privacy curtains across bunks.)
Cameras: A camera bench and charging station in the main salon.
Getting there: Cruise starts and ends at Kwajalein.
Cost per person USD 6500.00

Marshall Islands_Cheryl JoneWindwards


14 days/13 nights, Air fills, weights and dive tanks. Nitrox, Beer, juice and soft drinks, 2 x Dive masters, All meals and food, Juice and Soda, Bottled Water, airport transfers, port fees, taxes, Bikini reserve fee.

The Plan:

This trip has been chartered by a group of friends from the USA who want to explore the reefs in this remote part of the Pacific. They are all seasoned and experienced divers, but they are not intending to dive outside recreational diving limits. While the expedition will dive some wrecks, including the deck of the Saratoga at Bikini, they won’t be doing any technical or very deep/planned staged decompression diving — the goal is to visit the reefs of atolls long off-limits due to nuke testing radiation. This is a way for non-tech divers to visit Bikini and dive (the deck of) its most impressive wreck.

The destination:Marshall Islands_Cheryl Jones

This private charter offers the very rare opportunity to dive the
reefs of islands closed to visitation and habitation for decades due to fallout from
nuclear testing at Bikini and nearby atolls. T

he Marshall Islands’ diving is
extraordinary, with unusually clear, warm water, vibrant pristine reefs with over
2,000 species of fish, and significant wrecks. Explore the sites that played a part
in a fascinating, unique chapter in world history.

Diving Itinerary: 

Prinz Eugen (WWII German cruiser) in Kwajalein Atoll — Wotho Atoll —Rongelap Atoll — Bikini Atoll (reefs and deck of the aircraft carrier USS Saratoga sunk during Operations Crossroads. Potentially the Castle Bravo crater) — Alinganae Atoll — Rongerik Atoll — Roi Namur aircraft dump at Kwajalein Atoll (four B-25s, a TBF Avenger, an F4U, 4 Douglas SBD Dauntlesses, and a C-46)

Please contact DIVERSION DIVE TRAVEL for further information: info@diversiondivetravel.com.au



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  1. Angela Warmuth says:

    Marshall Islands: Reefs with a Nuclear Blast Past

    Sehr interessant!
    Bitte um mehr Informationen.
    Könnte aber erst am 27.7. gegen 6 pm in Kwajalein sein
    oder gibt es Übernachtungsmöglichkeiten?

    Beste Grüße

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