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Which fish to eat? Make the right choice!

16th March 2012 is Sustainable Seafood Day. To celebrate and raise awareness we give you a chance to  WIN a TRAVELVOUCHER worth AUD 100 towards your next dive trip you book with us!  All you need to is share your story, or thoughts or a photo about what you do on Sustainable Seafood Day this weekend on our facebook wall.  The winner will be drawn randomly. We at DIVERSION DIVE TRAVEL support the event to motivate divers everywhere to be conscious about what seafood they eat! Like us on our facebook and get active

Fish is probably one of the last food sources on our planet that is exploited in the traditional “hunter and gatherer” fashion. Mankind just takes what is seemingly freely available. Well we all know that today’s technology used by commercial fishing fleets has very little resemblance to the “hunter and gatherer” approach. The only resemblance is that they only take fish and don’t do anything to replenish or protect the resource. There are responsible folk in the fishing community,, but they are on the receiving end as local fisheries are dying, entire fish stocks are in danger to be wiped out and new deep sea fishing techniques are extinguishing fish species faster than they can be discovered!

The driving force for all this is “the market”. This is where you come in when shopping for fish at your local supermarket or restaurant. We don’t want to discourage anyone from enjoying fish, but as with all things today, there are choices to be made – both good and bad when you consider purchasing fish. Furthermore, with all the interesting names for fish popping up on supermarket shelves it’s near to impossible to know what to do.
With this situation in mind, different organisations around the world have published fish guides to help you, the consumer, make the right choices. The information varies in each publication due to the different local fish names and availability.
Here is a random selection of fish eating guides worth checking out:

The AMCS has been the driving force behind and Australian Guide. Australia’s Sustainable Seafood Online Guide is an independent tool to choosing seafood wisely. It is Australia’s first online resource for consumers seeking to make sustainable seafood choices. It was developed in response to growing public concern about overfishing and its impact on our oceans and their wildlife.
AMCS sustainable seafood guide

You can even down laod a free IPhone App so you always have the information at your fingertips

Similar information with regional adaptation can be found for other parts of the world:

 USA /Canada      Seafood choices (Online directory)

UK/ Europe         Marine Conservation Society (pocket guide) 

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