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Truk Lagoon

We asked our newsletter readers this question recently. The right answer is 30 years. Many participants mad an extra effort and added comments, some where quite funny or even informative and we like to share them with you:

    • 30 years. got my fingers, toes, legs and arms crossed, makes it really hard to dive like this though 😉

    • Whale Sharks need to be about 30 years old to procreate. I am 54 years young today and have been procreating about 30 years.

    • They reach maturity at the age of 30 years.  (Wish I was still 30!)

    • 30. Please, please, please…..
    • 30 !! P.S. does the fact that 30th Jan is my birthday help me win?  :)
    • 30 years. Do they serve eggs benedict at Blue Lagoon Hotel?
    • 30 years of age (a bit like human maturity really!!!)
    • Please pick me :) haha
    • 30. Happy New Year guys! Great newsletter!
    • 30 years. I’ll be saying my prayers every night and crossing all my fingers and toes :-)
    • Hi!! I saw this competition and couldn’t resist giving it a go!! I’ve been obsessed with sharks since I was a kid!
    • 30 years!!! I want my prize!
    • The Newsletter says after they grow 9 metres and are about 30 years old. Other marine biologists with whom I have spoken believe it is possible from 25 years on, or even younger – providing still the 9 metre length requirement! And all this proves is how much we have to learn about these AMAZING creatures!

The answers didn’t influence the outcome, but they brought some smiles on our faces.  Thank you everybody for participating in our competition to win a stay in Truk Lagoon in the beautiful Blue Lagoon Resort. The winner is…..Jodie Lee from Brisbane! Congratulations Jodie.  Jodie won 6 nights twin share accommodation with airport transfer from/to Weno airport/Resort  in

Truk Lagoon’s Blue Lagoon Resort

The Prize is for 2 divers and also  includes 10 dives per person!


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