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Papuan Barrier Reef photo: Craig DeWitt

The Golden Dawn has been pioneering diving in PNG since 1990. Craig DeWitt, veteran diver and skipper of the MV Golden Dawn, offers now some awesome diving at the Papuan Barrier Reef, south of Port Moresby.
The Papuan Barrier Reef is a substantial rival to the Great Barrier Reef of Australia running 1000 km from Port Moresby to Rossel Island at the tip of the Louisiade Archipelago, and has the advantage for much of its length of being much closer to shore. Craig has recently been exploring the section between Port Moresby and slightly beyond Hood point 100km to the south-east. The Barrier reef shelters a lagoon with many small isolated coral reefs commonly called “Bommies” and has a multitude of passes cutting through the reef and allowing Coral Sea waters to flush the lagoon.

While there are some well known dive sites on the Papuan Barrier, which are close to Port Moresby such as Suzies Bommie the majority of the trip will be spent “finning the reef less travelled”…to coin a term by PNG Dive Pioneer Bob Halstead.
Golden Dawn, Papua New GuineaThe passes are adorned with colorful sea fans, sea whips and barrel sponges. On the outer walls Silvertips, Grey Reef Sharks and White Tips are commonly sited with occasional sightings of Java Sharks (Pig Eyes) and Great Hammerheads. Inside the passages Eagle Rays, Mobula Rays, Blotched Sting rays (Cow Rays), Tasseled Wobbegongs, Leopard Sharks, Tawney Sharks are common.

Well, Dirk and Claudia from Diversion Dive Travel will be on the first excursion to this awesome destination. Would be great if you join us!

Join us exploring!

Date: 15-21 August 2011 from/to Port Moresby ,
Package: 6 nights Diving Papuan Barrier Reef, twin accommodation, all meals, tanks, weights. Up to 5 dives on dive days,  return airfares on Airniugini from Cairns  from AUD 2599.00
 Other excursion dates are available for August/September. Please email us!
More information on our Golden Dawn Website

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