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Today Dive Assure announced that as of September 10th, DiveAssure members can purchase camera equipment and diving gear coverage through the DEPP program, at a special discount!

The Divers Equipment Protection Program (DEPP) is available through The Coral Reef – an established and well experienced company specializing in diving gear and underwater photographic equipment coverage. You can protect your equipment against loss, theft, damage, breakage, accidental flooding and a host of additional perils. With the protection offered by D.E.P.P., you can dive without the concern for damaging your valuable equipment. Your investment is protected. You can relax and enjoy the rapture of your diving experience. For more information, terms and conditions, please visit the DEPP website at http://www.awryinc.com/index.html 

 Dive Assure offers annual dive and travel plasns for US residents: Diveassure Diamond Plan offers annual insurance frequent divers based in the USA.
To get coverage and enjoy the special discount, members should login to Dive Assure  online member services using their username and password, and click on the DEPP link.

To find out more about dive Assure: http://tinyurl.com/mvv7q2

Please note that coverage through DEPP is NOT a part of the DiveAssure programs. DiveAssure can not be held responsible in any way for coverage provided by DEPP. For customer service, support and claims please contact DEPP.

Discount is available for the first enrollment only, and can be used only by an active DiveAssure member.

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