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DiVo (short for Dive Voluntourism) is an Australian-based non-profit network whose aim is to bring active marine conservation participation to the recreational scuba diving market.

DiVo identify marine conservation groups whose activities are suited to the . Divo identfies conservation programmes where recreational dive tourist can participate. This way, more recreational divers get introduced to marine conservation and research.

The “dive voluntourist” will have a dive with a difference to make a difference.

In December 2011 they have a 7 day programme with the LIZARD ISLAND RESEARCH STATION For a full week you can join scientists to conduct a survey of the reef life  on the Great Barrier reef near Lizard island.
Date : (10-17 December 2011).
Cost AUD 3.000.00
Check the DiVo website for more information or send us an email: info@diversiondivetravel.com.au

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